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Tim Spillane wrote at 21/12/2015:
Stayed in Room 7. Very enjoyable stay. Great staff, we will be back. Thank you all and have a Very Happy Christmas and New Year.
Helmut Mayer from Australia wrote at 20/12/2015:
Came with a family of 5 and advised awkward food allergies. Staff dealt with it impeccably. Thank you. The location is fabulous and the experience was entirely pleasant.
Legg & Tideswell wrote at 15/12/2015:
Stayed in Rooms 6 and 8. Great food, Lovely service, Great rooms.
Brian & Mary wrote at 15/12/2015:
Stayed in Room 7. Excellent breakfast - Thanks.
Michele Ashton wrote at 15/12/2015:
Stayed in Room 1. Had a lovely 2 night stay. We have never felt so welcome, will definitely be back.
brian teresa bingham wrote at 17/11/2015:
Second visit to this Hotel. Excellent hotel. Nice comfy room. Excellent food and service. Look forward to our next visit.
Sue, Dave and Audrey Wiggins Rooms 5 & 7 wrote at 19/06/2015:
Very enjoyable stay - loved the music on Sunday!
Jenny and Andy Frater Room 1 wrote at 19/06/2015:
Came to get married at the Donkey Sancturay. Rachel and her family have been brilliant. Nothing was too much hassle. Lovely homely friendly atmosphere and the food was/is excellent. Thank you for making our wedding great and go with such ease. Thank you again so much!!
Valerie and David Frater Room 2 wrote at 19/06/2015:
Lovely accomodation. Fantastic food. Friendly and excellent service. Just a lovely place to stay. Home from home. Treated like family. What more can I say, just thank you for making our stay for Andrew and Jenny's wedding so special.
Lyn and Vince Wakeling Room 5 wrote at 19/06/2015:
Fantastic area, beautiful hotel, very friendly staff, would come back. Also going to recommend others to come and stay.
Anne and Brian Tawn Room 7 wrote at 19/06/2015:
3rd visit here - perfect as always. Thank you.
Peter and Ruth den Brinker (Australia) wrote at 19/06/2015:
Lovely, welcoming and hospitable. Good service and food.
Sally and Pete Room 8 wrote at 19/06/2015:
Great night, food good and plentiful! Parking, excellent value for money, hope to revisit. Thanks.
Richard, Sue, Kirsty and Gary Rooms 5&7 wrote at 19/06/2015:
Very comfortable rooms. Great food. Superb breakfast. Friendly staff. We really enjoyed our stay.
Guy and Wendy Room 8 wrote at 19/06/2015:
Thank you. Great Pub. Friendly staff. This is our 4th visit. We will be back.
Kolaitis George wrote at 19/06/2015:
Thank you for the hospitality. People here are so kind and friendly. Lovely room. Comfortable. I really enjoyed my stay. Can't wait to visit you again.
David Frater from Northern Ireland wrote at 18/02/2015:
On behalf of my son Andrew and his new wife Jenny I would like to thank Rachel, Gary,Charlie, Ellie and Jake (I hope |I got all your names right)for the wonderful weekend we had with you for their wedding at the Donkey Sanctuary. We could not have been better catered for, family friendliness, comfort, excellent food and plenty of it, with local ales in a well stocked bar. It was perfect. Thank you all once again. The luck of the Irish be with you all.
pat & don Baker from Australia wrote at 13/09/2014:
My husband and myself would like to thank you for your service to us we were travelling with our cousins N Lukey and R Dowell. We don't know if you remember us but we were going to walk to Beer as my husband's father was born there but we had to drive there instead, but we loved Seaton. My husband had an omelet for b/fast and could' eatit all and as we were getting the train to london you made us toast and put the omelet on it and wrapped it up and put it into an ice cream container for our lunch we wish to say thank you and that we enjoyed our stay with you in August only for one night we wished it had been longer if we ever come over to England from Australia again we would stay with you thanks again Pat & Don Baker
Nicky Winter wrote at 17/08/2014:
Lovely weekend in the family suite, very clean, great food and the loveliest and friendliest staff ever! Will definitely return!
John and Lisa Room 9 from West Midlands wrote at 11/08/2014:
Great evening meals - left a bag behind which was delivered next day to a local race track - cannot thank you enough. Stayed at Eyre Court several times - never been dissappointed.

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