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Room 2 wrote at 24/06/2016:
Great staff, just great
John and Mary Maeer wrote at 24/06/2016:
Had a good stay. Staff very helpful. Thank you
Kayleigh and Jordan wrote at 17/06/2016:
Thank you for being so friendly, welcoming and attentive. 10/10 for customer service !
J and V O`Brien wrote at 16/06/2016:
Had a lovely stay, staff very welcoming. Definitely come back here.
Mr and Mrs Mason wrote at 09/06/2016:
Lovely stay, nice room, good breakfast. Would certainly come again.
M Waite wrote at 06/06/2016:
Lovely stay. Extremely welcoming staff, very helpful with our 1 year old.
Andy and Mandy wrote at 03/06/2016:
Lovely stay. Really enjoyed the lovely area.
Laura,David and family from Tunbridge Wells wrote at 01/06/2016:
Excellent stay. Pleased, really enjoyed it !
Peter, Hayley and family from Oxford wrote at 01/06/2016:
Lovely warm atmosphere, comfortable beds, great service at meal times. Enjoyed our stay.
R and D Osborn wrote at 01/06/2016:
Four day stay in which was enjoyed. Staff 10/10. Food 10/10. Highly recommended.
D Sparkes wrote at 01/06/2016:
Very nice stay. Very comfortable. Friendly and very nice food. Recommended.
David and Jean wrote at 01/06/2016:
Room 5. Lovely welcome. Thanks for our stay.
June and Ron Bartlett wrote at 01/06/2016:
Overnight stay. Very comfortable room. Excellent meals. Highly recommended.
Charlie and Pam Cleaver wrote at 17/05/2016:
Just a short stay but enjoyable.
Mrs Kennedy wrote at 17/05/2016:
Lovely place to stay. Food excellent and a great place to explore the beautiful coastline. Thank you.
Mr and Mrs Lewis from Australia wrote at 17/05/2016:
Lovely place to stay - comfortable rooms.
Jayni and Pete wrote at 10/05/2016:
Very friendly staff. Lovely food. Comfy bed.
Debs, Tasha, Maisie and Archie wrote at 10/05/2016:
Wonderful hotel and lovely staff.
Room 4 wrote at 05/05/2016:
Excellent food and comfy room - Thanks.
Room 4 wrote at 05/05/2016:
Nice room, good food, enjoyed our stay. Thank you to all.

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