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Tim and Eleanor wrote at 16/10/2017:
All lovely, great food
Andy House wrote at 16/10/2017:
Perfect stay on the Coastal path. Thanks.
David and Pam wrote at 16/10/2017:
Once again very comfortable stay.
Jenny and Alan Wittaker wrote at 16/10/2017:
Everything was lovely, thank you.
Ian and Margo wrote at 16/10/2017:
Very comfortable stay
Corine and Gilbert wrote at 16/10/2017:
Lovely stay. Thank you
Jim and Penny H wrote at 23/09/2017:
Great atmosphere,well run, comfortable and fun! Thank you.
Alai and Hannah wrote at 23/09/2017:
Carol and Dean wrote at 21/09/2017:
Lovely and clean . Thank you.
Jenny Rapson and Ally Puchel wrote at 21/09/2017:
Very happy to have stayed here, relaxing and comfortable. Thank you.
Mick and Gill Gregory wrote at 18/09/2017:
Very clean and well decorated room. Lovely stay
Graham wrote at 18/09/2017:
Enjoyable stay
Maureen,Vic and Tina. wrote at 05/09/2017:
Thank you for looking after us. Very nice stay.
Judy wrote at 05/09/2017:
Thanks for everything. Very comfortable room.
Tracey and Judy wrote at 05/09/2017:
Very friendly staff.Delicious breakfast. Thank you
Mike and Mona Partridge wrote at 05/09/2017:
Lovely stay. Lovely clean rooms.
Theo wrote at 05/09/2017:
Nice stay.
Shipton wrote at 28/08/2017:
Excellent food and staff. Beautiful Hotel.
Callaghan Family wrote at 28/08/2017:
Lovely stay.
T and J Alger wrote at 28/08/2017:
Lovely clean room. Great breakfast, friendly locals.

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